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About LACC 

Langkawi Autism Care Centre (LACC) established on 5 th December 2019. It is a charitable organization and it strives to provide a range of support services to assist the Autistic individual, especially children with ASD and their immediate family members. LACC is a Centre that specifically for children with ASD in Langkawi Island. LACC offered low fees to the parents who have autistic children. Individual programme is based on the research of the problem, level and skills of the students.

LACC Vision 

  • To provide the best services such as to stimulate development, changes in behaviour and improve the social skills.

LACC Mission 

  • Give awareness to the community and create opportunities for children with Autism to participate in society.

LACC Objective 

  • To create an autism intervention programme in Langkawi that offers services for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD).
  • To provide guidance for families who has autistic children.
  • To be as useful resource in the study, research and development of methodologies, therapies and treatment of autism and related disorder.

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What is Autism?

Complex biological disorder characterized by difficulties with speech, abnormalities of posture or gesture, problem with understanding the feelings of the others, sensory and visual misperceptions, fear and anxieties and behavioural abnormalities such as compulsive, obsessive behaviour and ritualistic movements. It is a spectrum condition, which means that, while all the people with autism share certain difficulties, their condition will affect them in different ways.

The symptoms of Autism as below :

  • Not being scared of danger.
  • Reliance on rules and routines.
  • No eye contact.
  • Difficult to express what they want.


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In conclusion, whilst there is the need for more financial outlay for people with autism, it has been demonstrated that preventative work to avoid crises for individuals with autism and their families can save money in the long term, and enable people with autism to achieve their full potential.

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